We both know architectural visualization is a key feature to market your property developments. A stunning CGI helps you increase your sales and will make your projects more approachable to your clients. As architects we know how important it is to guarantee your clients ease of understanding of your projects and ideas.

Choosing the right type of visualisation for your project will help your clients be more confident in their decisions as they will better understand what the property value is.

                  • Aerial view is the perfect tool to locate your project.

                  • Detailed street elevation helps buyers understand the project context.

                  • Interior design views of a kitchen/dining/living area will show suitable options to the clients.

                  • Walk-through video of the property displaying different rooms and spaces is ideal to market your property.

                  • 3D plan unveils your property layout and design.

Why VAR ?

Every project is different, every property will require a bespoke visualization style that will best showcase your ideas and help you achieve your goals and boost your sales.

At VAR, we are proud to work with BIM as it lets us collaborate with other consultants and get the best results out of the model. Our architectural visualizations are often produced in a BIM environment, not only for coordination but also to help us get accurate 3D models ready to be baked.

Using the right software during the modeling and post production process is key to help you get the CGI that reflects your ideas and will help your property marketing succeed.

Photorealistic Property CGI & Animation

Make your property brochures come to life with CGI and 3D. Our in-house team of 3D artists and modellers create stunning CGIs for interiors, exteriors and animations for planning applications and marketing, to name but a few uses for this powerful technology.


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We bring to life your architectural ideas and designs within still, moving and interactive imagery

Discover the power of stunning visuals. Because a great visualisation speaks a thousand words.

Explore architectural movies to help your business market successfully your project.

Experience space as never before with Virtual Reality solutions – the next step in communicating your design.

If a still image is not enough you will find 360 panorama views are a step forward on property marketing. This is where BIM technology becomes an essential tool to market your property.

A walkthrough tour based on 360 panoramic views will go beyond your clients expectations and is one of the most effective tools to show your clients the potential of your property developments.


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Var is an architects-based team specialised in virtualizing architecture

We are a team of architects driven by a shared vision and desire to craft stunning computer generated imagery, architectural movies and virtual reality experiences that engage and inspire.