3 Reasons why 360 panorama views are a big trend

BLOG VAR •   2019

Architectural visualization is not just about still images and CGIs anymore, more and more clients are in seek of a more immersive experience such as 360 panorama images or virtual reality for the most forward thinking clients.

In this article we will tell you why you and your clients should start thinking beyond 2D services, but first a brief introduction to the 360 world.

What is a 360 Panorama image?

You may know this already, but for those who don’t a 360 panorama image is a special type of image that allows the user to experience being inside a 3D scene, the user can view the scene on a mobile, or using Facebook or other viewers. You can see below how an embedded 360 view of our portfolio looks like:

Image: VAR – Forest house. 3D Model + visualisations

Interested in watching more 360 images from VAR?

NOW… 3 reasons why 360 views are a big trend

  1. Immersive experience
  2. Accessible to everyone
  3. Powerful tool for professionals

1. Immersive experience

As architects, most of our clients have trouble visualizing the spaces we are designing. Producing a CGI is a good way to help them visualize the space, especially when it comes to space and materiality. However, when it comes to discuss with your clients the spatial relationships, it is hard to do it using a single snapshot of a 2D image. This is where 360 panorama views stand up.

This 360 tool positions your client directly in the space and context and gives the client a sense of size, orientation and distance within the project just by looking around, such as on the real life. Also allows the client to observe in detail what is important for them and let you start a conversation about it. As designers it is crucial that the client understands what we are designing at any moment to avoid any kind of misunderstanding that eventually ends in delays on the programme.

A 360 image mimics the real life environment helping the client understand the design and making faster and more reliable decisions erasing the lack of communication that sometimes a CGI can cause.

2. Accessible to everyone

A panoramic view can be experienced in many ways, but what is more important, it can be experience by almost everyone. Unlike high-end virtual reality experience, to immerse yourself in a 360 view you will only need a smartphone. As simple as that. How amazing is that just by using your phone you cannot just see the space, but to ‘feel’ it as if you were really there?

Not only it is easy to visualize but to share it as major platforms such as YouTube and Facebook already includes 360 integration features. You will be able to either embed it to your website, send a link to your clients for them to view it directly on a web browser or just share it on the social media.

VAR creates 360 views to inmerse yourself in your projects!Check out our site and contact us for further…

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Image: VAR – Lake house. 3D Model + 360 visualizations

If you would like to take it to the next level you might need a VR headset such as google cardboard or similar, these are not worth more than £15 and can be easily found. If you are considering 360 as a service for your client you should not  hesitate about including it in the 3D package as part of the service as their experience will be unforgettable.

How does it work? Just load the image on your smartphone, click on the cardboard sign, put your device in the VR headset and enjoy looking around!

Image: VAR – Lake house. 3D Model + visualisations

3. Powerful tool for professionals

As we have seen, the 360 views are a powerful tool in the property industry. Putting total control in the user’s hand to create a particularly powerful experience, this panorama views are an excellent visualization tool for:

  • Architects, Planners & Interior designers that aim to communicate their design with further detail than a standard 3D renderings.
  • Property developers already use virtual reality as an advertisement tool to show yet to built properties to potential clients hellping them to fully portrait the ‘feeling’ within the building.
  • Overseas investors – 3D experiences are a key target to them as they can substantially reduce the expenses on travel for viewings. Particularly for high-value properties, investors can put down an offer more accurately if they have previously experienced a more three-dimensional view of the space.
  • Digital Agencies & Marketeers and Sales Teams that are looking to spread their marketing campaigns and reach wider audience. They can easily showcase 360 panoramas to prospects mobile devices or standard computer screens.