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VAR was created in 2018 by a group of architects who studied a degree of Architecture at the University of Granada and began working in London and Spain. Their wide international and individual experience as architects have made them realise that a wall between the architecture business and clients/people still exists.

VAR is determined to wreck that wall.

They realised how important for clients is to have a solid understanding of a project.  VAR is making architecture yet to be built accessible to potential clients who might need guidance on what their investment is going to look like. New technologies are key to achieve this fact and make possible to experience architecture which is yet to be built.

VAR is in constant learning of the most updated 3D architectural software to develop stunning imagery, animations and virtual reality experiencesVirtual Reality is considered as a next step on visualising architecture and that is why VAR always recommends it as the most complete product among their services.

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Marta – founder

‘Creative individual with a passion for visual arts and nature illustrations, Marta focuses on developing new ways to illustrate architecture while giving a sense of warmth and humanisation to all her work.’

‘Passionate for new technologies, Marta is in constant search of innovative ways to communicate and transform architecture in an enjoyable experience for all’

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