Visualisations … White, Color or Detailed?

BLOG VAR •   2019

Hello !


We are delighted to show in this post 3 types of visualisations depending on the level of detail that the client requires.


There are many scenarios where an architectural visualization is required. For instance, to help obtain planning permission it is quite useful for planner officers to look at a CGI of the proposal whilst they decide whether the application is granted or refused. In this case and depending on the nature of the development a different level of detail will be required.


We normally advise the client on the first meeting which type of visualization is more suitable to the project, sometimes a white model which just show the intention of the massing and volume is enough, as we don’t want to overwhelm the members with materials, nature, silhouettes … whilst sometimes the planning application is seeking to show the appearance of the project, in which case a study of light, materials and context will be done to create the CGI.


The decision of which level of detail wants to be offered will help submit a successful planning application, saving time to the client and adjusting the cost of the visualisation to what it is really needed.


Below, you can see different types of visualisations of the same case study.




Image: VAR – 5 terraced houses. 3D Model + visualisations

Which one do you think it suits your project the best ?

We offer advice to other architects about which type of CGI will be the most powerful to secure planning permission and showcase your project.

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